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 for the books "ANTERIORES" by Jan Hajto, published by teamwork media publishing company

All front tooth models belonging to the books - a variety of natural beautiful anterior tooth possibilities.

The collection can be used for the aesthetic planning and production of front tooth provision or serve as a communication aid between dentist, patient and dental technician.

The set consists of 47 anterior tooth models made of a grey impact-resistant synthetic material, 1 sample wax veneers of form M1, 1 sample of adhesive wax of in 4 transparent assortment boxes, suitable for any small drawer.

The models show the situation from 14 to 24 and/or from 34 to 44 an are characterized from dorsal for unmistakable communication according to the books (e.g. M1).

By tilting the models one always has the right angle of vision (within the scope of the premolars, the models have a 45 degree-cut according to acclusal and cervical). The neutral grey colour of the models was selected so that under all light conditions form and sorface texture can be recognized very well.

Suitable wax veneers to all front tooth models -

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