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These 12  DSD-SKIN models represent an exclusive selection by  Master Paulo Kano from the Anteriores model set by Dr. Jan Hajtó and MDT Norbert Wichnalek.

     Paulo Kano               

The numbers correspond as follows:

SKIN Model = Anteriores Model / Anteriores Picture Gallery
SKIN1 = F1
SKIN2 = F2
SKIN3 = F6
SKIN4 = F7
SKIN5 = F8
SKIN6 = F11
SKIN7 = F17
SKIN8 = F26
SKIN9 = F31
SKIN10 = M5
SKIN11 = M6
SKIN12 = M7

The models made of a grey impact-resistant synthetic material and show the situation from 14 to 24 and/or from 34 to 44 an are characterized from dorsal (e.g. SKIN1).

The models have a 45 degree bevel on the back. This allows the secure placement of the models on the table in a tilted position which provides an identical correct viewing angle.

A neutral grey colour  was selected for the models in order that under all light conditions the shape and surface texture can be recognized very well.

Suitable wax veneers are available for all front tooth models (ANTERIORES-VENEER-SET).

Contents of the Set:
12 SKIN Models